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Real Talk for Teens: Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and Beyond


" a very important book full of valuable information"
Jack Canfield

Ranked TOP 5 Amazon Best-Seller

Real Talk now contains QR codes in each chapter that readers can scan with their cell phones to watch the author talk about gender transitioning in more detail.

Transitioning is a marathon—not a 100- yard dash. What are you going to do once you reach the finish line? Real Talk is the first book devoted exclusively to issues of gender transitioning for youth. Seth takes early transitioning seriously and offers an in depth roadmap of the numerous issues that youth can expect to encounter in their journey. But Seth doesn’t stop there. He provides a guidebook of sound advice to help them navigate various stages of gender reassignment, including treatment options for hormones and surgery, coming out to friends and family, and tips for dating and disclosure. REAL TALK presents an essential toolkit for building mental toughness and teaches youth how to take control of their destiny, achieve success, and live a happy, fulfilled life.

“[T]his book demonstrates that transgender kids can survive, can be wise, and can accomplish something that contributes to society….Rainess offers transgender teens tools for success and guidance about the potential joys and pitfalls ahead when one is trans….[He] navigates for the curious and the watchful, ensuring that readers have pointers to help them find their way. What a generous gift!”
—Jamison Green, President, World Professional Association of Transgender Health

Great book for the medical profession, college professors and anyone who may be in contact with the trans population.



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