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Hung Jury: Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men


This pioneering anthology presents raw, unadulterated testimonies of transsexual men’s experiences of sex reassignment surgeries, offering a comprehensive understanding of why transsexual men choose genital reconstruction and its transformative impact on their lives.

Honest, informative, illuminating, and popular for both individuals and academic classes & research.

"'Hung Jury' fills a gap that no other book has ever tried to bridge. ... A vastly important book"
- Joshua Riverdale, 'Trans Guys' magazine

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone ... looking for personal, real answers."
- Adrien Lawyer, Transgender Center New Mexico

"A great and inspiring read, especially from someone who themself is a trans* activist."
- Wiktor Dynarski, Trans-Fuzja

"Useful for any scholar of gender or men's studies." -JR Latham, 'Culture, Health & Sexuality'